10 Tips for Decreasing Bounce Rate and Increasing Return Visitor

My today’s writing is for those who are too much worried about the high bounce rate of their website and who have many visitors but have no return visitor. Here I have put 10 tips for you, which if you follow, must the visitors will browse your site again and again. If you get too many return visitors, who generally visit your blog repeatedly, your purpose of making the blog will serve a great part.

By the way, It’s very important that how to increase web traffic. I have explained in detail step by step

  1. Content must be attractive

The content of your blog or website must be exceptional, presentation must be attractive to heart and language must be easy and simple. The content must be written in such a way so that the reader communicates with you from his or her part for the details of the goods.

A good writing should not have spelling or grammatical mistakes or any informative mistakes. These will keep your visitors away from your website. If you follow the points mentioned above, your visitors will put faith upon your content and will feel curiosity to return to your blog repeatedly.

  1. Make the website easy for the users

The menu of the website that of the links to go from one page to another must be very easy. If you design the menu in such a way that is very difficult to change or turn the pages, will decrease your number of visitors and it is one of the reasons of that negativeness. I have seen many blogs where, if I click a link it shows another link. Then if I click that link, that shows another link. In this way to get the desired link one has to click 5 to 7 links. That is very troublesome. The navigation menu should be made in such a way so that the visitors can get their expected information very easily. The experienced say that for these types of cases the designer must notice that one has not to click more than 3 links.

Your website should be considered by you as the funnel of important information. I should be general source of huge and authentic information. You will always keep in mind that when a visitor browses you site, he or she can easily be convinced about the motive of making this blog, about your product or service or your offer. Never put your visitors in the confusion.

How to increase web traffic

  1. Make the design of the blog attractive

If the visitor does not feel attraction seeing the design of the blog, he will quit it as soon as he or she enters into it. For that, design must be well dressed and attractive. I wish to add 3 more tips for you to make your blog’s design attractive:

  • Use excellently designed logo for your website.
  • The color of the website will be in accordance with the logo’s design. It means that the whole website will use the color of your company’s brand. It will place a harmony between your brand and blog.
  • Notice that the images those you use for the website should not be very big because it will take too much time to open the page. The image must be beautiful and related to your writing. At the same time your images must be unique and second to none.

If you be careful about these three things then your website must be beautiful to look at. One thing is noticeable that it is better to use website designed by your own than using the common templates those are free in the market.

  1. To find out the problems of Website and solve it

It is very troublesome to the visitors to have dead links. Dead links mean such links when you click those it do not show any page or most of the times show a blank page. The job of finding out of dead link pages or to find out any other problems you can impose upon Google Webmaster Tool. Submit your website address to the webmaster tool. You can know the problems of your blog easily and without so much effort from that tool.

  1. Use call to action button

To move your visitor to another page of your blog or to convince to buy any product or to take any more service from your blog should use call to action button. Generally, call to action button means button like ‘Click here’, ‘Discover more here’, ‘Find out more’, ‘Buy now’. You should utilize your highest intelligence to use these types of buttons. It seems better to use ‘Discover more here’ than to use ‘click here’. If you use the first then visitor can guess why they should use the button that if they click there, they will see more related information. If you want to contact with the visitor later or if you want to maintain the contact address to your database then you can use ‘Call me back’ button to make him or her curious to leave their addresses. By clicking this button, he or she will get a form to put the necessary data of different types.

  1. Using audio and video clips

At present almost in all places the internet speed is good. In England, the average internet speed is 10MB per second. The situation of Bangladesh is gradually moving to the better. So, the opportunity of using audio and video on the web page has been enhanced. If you put any audio or video on your website then visitors would feel more curiosity about your products. Video of fine quality will increase the sale of your product in manifolds.

  1. Put question in the body of your post

If your website is somewhat blog-type then arise question within the writing, then the visitor will think about your post. To involve the reader to your post deeply and directly let them talk to you by questioning them. Make such questions which will help them to think about your post. Some examples of such questions are given below:

“Would these help you?”

“Are you looking for a solution to this problem?”

“Are there any other ways to do this?”

“Is this the best product on the market?”

  1. Publish the interview of successful personality related to your business

In this market of tough competition when different issues are discussed with another competitive authority then some special facilities can be gained. If it is possible then you can publish interview of such persons to your ‘blog page’ or ‘product page’ of your website. Following this method you can get many visitors and you can increase the brand value of your company. You can take interview of a popular person related to your product only about your product and that can publish on your blog. By this way the fame of your company will increase. If it becomes famous then your brand value will increase, if the brand value increases the sale of your desired product will increase.

  1. Attract the visitors by arranging quiz competition regularly

Sometimes some websites arranges quiz competition regularly to attract their visitors. This process compels your visitors to come back to your blog again and again. But before doing this you must know that if there is any local obligation about this. Otherwise it can be harmful to your brand product.

  1. Collecting information about the visitors of your website

Generally by Google analytics, webmaster tool and some other programs you can know about the curiosity the visitors of your website. With these reports you can know that which pages the visitors have visited most. Without these reports various polls or different survey programs you can know about the demand of the visitors. Taking the demand of the visitors in mind if you plan you your website and give related posts, the number of visitors will increase definitely.

Websites are not only for ad sense or affiliation marketing. In the present age every company has a website. The 10 tips are give here, if you follow, must get the success. These tips are important for those who are involved with search engine optimization or who the owners of the websites are.