16 Tips to Improve your Battery Life on Android Device

Battery plays is an important roles on smart phone. Your smart phone may be Android, Windows or even i-phone whatever, battery plays an important role on that same manner. Generally, we can see that high-end device battery charge doesn’t exist more than one day. So let’s see how you can save your battery lifetime on your Android device.

  1. If you have OLED, AMOLED or SUPER AMOLED display, your bright wallpaper & theme least reduced 20% charge. That’s why, it’s better if you used superficially dark back ground on your device home screen.
  2. Which display are AMOLED on their beside home screen you can used dark wallpaper from App store & launcher(dark theme)must save your battery charge.
  3. On the term of Auto-brightness. Many people misconception that Auto-brightness reduced battery charge is totally wrong, reason is that when your device is on Auto-brightness the display is on more bright spare of your need. On that term, you have to set low brightness as much as you need.
  4. Vibration is another feature on your android device which also reduced your battery charge. When your phone ringing for half tic feedback vibration is happening. Further,many are using key vibration which also relevant part of this reason. That’s why you have to deactivate your vibration system.you can follow this system which is giving below:-


Then you found there two option one is (vibration when ringing) another is (vibrate on touch). You have to off these two option.

16 Tips to improve your battery life on Android device

  1. If you expect a good back-up from your device then you have to use original battery. If your battery is out of date/spoil for any reason then you should buy a good quality battery. Your device will run ok/quite good though it’s excess cost/price.
  2. We are all familiar to the option with timeout display. Device screen display open/close control system is it’s major work. It’s clearly known to all that display reduced most of all the charge on android device. A statistic report published that a user of android device open his screen up to 150 time per a day. So that’s why the more your screen will be open, the more your charge has been gone. On that fact it’s better for you if you reduced your display timeout, it will help you to save your charge enough.generally, it’s better if you set the timeout under 15 second.
  3. Many of device there is a option is called ”sleep times”& another is called “blocking mood” on Samsung. With the help of this option you can off your data connection, wifi, phone vibration etc for limited instructed time. You can also try it for better back up.
  4. On Samsung device there are some smart features such as air gesture, smart scrolling etc. These features are massively reduced charge. While these are useless, it’s better if you deactivate them.
  5. Generally we exchange files with the help of Bluetooth, NFC & data connection, wifi for internet. You have to turn off GPS,NFC,Bluetooth,wifi after using. Further, you should turn off your location data after using.
  6. Using default widget on lock screen is better reason is that you don’t need any single apps which constantly refresh your data connection & also help to save battery.
  7. Many times for customization & others need we used widget on home screen. To saving battery remove these widget from home screen.
  8. Sometimes we don’t feel the necessity to updating the device which are installed. Reason is that many people misconception that updating device means spending data. It’s normal to think cause in our countries data plans data amount isn’t matched with data cost. Whatever, update your data even any data cost. Cause developer are updating their apps to run your device without any problem & expense less data. That’s why you need to update.
  9. Now present in market power saving mode or others battery management option device are most available in our country specially symphony & Walton device provide these kind of option to saving battery these option is very helpful.
  10. There are CPU over clock Or under clock option in different custom room. You can save your battery charge by CPU under clocking.
  11. Turn off your Auto-sync option if you have on your device. Reason is that if your auto-sync is on your google account will refresh after 15 minutes under & under. So,you can turn off your Auto-sync entering settings to google account.
  12. The last tips is that turn off your auto update of google play store. You have to update your apps manually as much as you need.


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