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Hello all my friends, I’m Shadia Chowdhury from Bangladesh and I’m a little blogger in About Bangladesh, Bangla Software, Technology, Business and SEO Tips etc.

As I first this question to say about my happiest day – I was frankly puzzled because since my childhood. I have passed through a procession of memorable days, all important for recognition in such a way that I could not for a time decide as to which of them are to be left out in my selection, as I am to choose only one and no more. I recollect with joy the day on which I passed out of the village school. It was a day of great felicitation for me. I was equally happy on the day when I was being led by father to get myself admitted into the best High School of the Chittagong. I felt so happy at the very prospect of such a change from the village to the town that for the whole preceding night I could not sleep out of excitement. Then again, how happy I felt when in the annual prize distribution ceremony of my High School I was called upon thrice to receive three first prizes and when every time I was to shake hands with the president in presence of my father. But, superseding them all rises the day on which I received the news of having passed the S.S.C Examination.

Bangla Blog BD

None-the-less that day is yet preserved in my memory as the happiest day of my life. There are reasons for thinking so and reasons of a particular nature and peculiar to me alone.

I was a fairly meritorious student and all hoped that I would get an easy passage with a comfortable first division. But I was very weak in Geography- a cross for which I was always dreading a failure. My chance was lying in the standard of the question paper. But the paper that year was exceptionally stiff. So I answered some questions but could not feel sure whether I would secure the pass marks.

Talk a lot about my life. I’ll talk a little about this blog. Since the Internet was a little more than my interest in student status. This is what makes the Internet, the Internet, etc. for. Then learn more about the Internet and the stage itself was the owner of a blog. This blog is about me, especially my motherland Bangladesh, Bangla Blog, Bangla software, Computer, Antivirus, Mobile, Games, Information Technology, Forex, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), etc., are discussed, the hope that it will be useful. Basically I am computer operator, computer-related businesses of my own there.