Avro Keyboard Bangla Writing Software and Bangla Spell Checker

Avro keyboard is useful Unicode software for Bangla writing/typing in the world, and it’s absolutely free without any cost. Here I shared Avro keyboard Bangla Unicode software only one purpose that in the world’s 26 billion Bangladeshi can build up Bangla typing ways on web and they can disclose their own language by the support of Avro keyword.

This software was created in 26th March, 2003 (The Independence Day of Bangladesh), getting a new age in Bangla computing. It’s flexible, user responsive, feature wealthy, beautiful, and easy to use. Already has a far more typing automation tools you have never expected! Avro Keyboard: this is the top Bangla Writing/Typing Software, breaks the all old archives, wipes out problems, rewrites situations and recreates custom!

Avro Keyboard or Avro Bangla is Bangla writing software by support of which you’ll see Bangla font on the web site, write/type in Bangla in your PC, laptop, Android or other device. Avro Bangla software is Unicode and ANSI supported writing/typing software for Bangla. That is free to download.

Avro Keyboard Latest Version

For more information and download Avro Keyboard standard edition 5.5.0 for Windows from Here

and download iAvro for Mac OS X from Here

If you’re capable to write/type English, you can write Bangla as well. Because of Avro Bangla Keyboard offer Unicode phonetic system you to write/type Bangla in your device. Like Bijoy Bangla Software, you don’t have to ability to Bangla writing or typing. If you’re capable to English writing, you can write/type Bangla as well.

The goal of the assignment would be to add preferred Bangla typing/writing systems from Bangladesh and India in one interface. Current release supports English to Bengali Unicode Phonetic writing/typing support for home users; mouse based Bangla typing support for newbie as well as for professional’s old-style keyboard layout based Bangla typing support. Keyboard designs folks are further using the current release are – Probhat, Avro Easy, Munir Optima, Bornona and National keyboard – Standard Bangla Keyboard Layout in Bangladesh promoted by Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC).

Features of Avro Keyboard Bangla software: English to Bangla Phonetic writing/typing: Avro Keyboard supports most existing English to Bangla phonetic writing/typing method. Write wherever “ami banglai gan gay (In Bengali: আমি বাংলায় গান গাই)”, it will possible be directly typed.

Modest transcription plan: We’ve investigated to complete all current English to Bangla transliterating software’s creation our modest transliteration plan, for both learning and responsive typing speed.

Fluctuating Preview Window: See swiftly the method your English text is transforming to Bangla!

Dictionary support: This English to Bangla phonetic writing/typing system supports Dictionary with close to about 150,000 Bangla words and auto correct component. We’ve left-hand the auto correct dictionary totally editable to complete the users. Include your own words; change them anytime, and proper best typical mistakes fly instantly.

Bangla spell checker: Avro Keyboard has a useful and great Bangla spell checker. You must check spelling right classified Microsoft Word. For spell seeing into plain text, there’s also Avro Pad. Enjoy physically.

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