Bangla Calculator for Android

The government came to power with a digital Bangladesh Commitment. Then it will be possible to increase the use of technology in all Bengali language. As most of the people cannot use a normal calculator. Because of their knowledge of English is very low. If the use of technology to increase the use of the mother tongue in rural communities receive digital happiness. Recently, North South University has developed and released a few students in the Bengali language, just 250 Tk. at the calculator. English as well as the computer you want to use Bangla calculator for Android to find out the details, and to free download click here.

Bangla Calculator for Android

Bangla Calculator for Android is basically a calculator application that can do basic mathematical processes such as summation, deduction, multiplication and division naturally using your script. Draw numbers on your device screen and do some quick calculations done this application.

It is capable of doing many calculations counting float numbers. Recognition accuracy is up to 90% .It is developed for detached numbers only.

In real world, handwritten applications are using in many useful sectors these days. So we take a step onward to do it in our mother language for every day’s basic calculation. An initial hope of us will be successful if you share these apps with your community and send helpful feedback to us that will advance this application.

The current application is still under progress. In our next upgrading version we will try to increase the accuracy completed 90% and allow related numbers to identify.

This app has been verified in a number of android devices ranging from latest version. Still if you discover the app layout is not good in your device; feel free to say us about your device screen configuration. We will fix that on our next inform.

Bangla Calculator v1.01

Usually we use calculator in English. If you want to Bangla calculate, at first you have to download the zip file. Then follow the steps which are known below:

  1. After download is complete unzip the file.
  2. Then you will see 3 files. Bangla Calculator, Fonts and Read me file.
  3. The included Font file must be copied into your font folder of control panel. If you wish to see the fonts appear in Bangla.