Blog commenting is the best way of backlinks strategy –Learn how to do backlinks

I am telling it again though you all know that. In simple word backline is if another blog have your blog’s link that means you got a backline. From there you will get lots of visitors with a valuable backlinks. I hope you understand.


There are lots of processes to do backlinks, from there blog commenting is very effective and easier.


We know that backlinks means giving your link to other blog. So we should give the link by maintaining some strategy. Blog commenting is one of them.


I have shared stages below:


Blog comment is one of the best ways to create backline and get direct visitors. It is very important to do SEO. You can get a lot of visitor or traffic by commenting on other blogging site. When you will comment on a blog site and give the backlink that should be eligible to receive by the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. So it goes without saying that it’s not important.

Blog commenting is the best way of backlinks strategy –Learn how to do backlinks

10 tips for SEO related blog commenting tips are given below:


  • Should comment on the equivalent blogs: At first you should find web sites which would be equivalent to your site and which are similar to your site. Best content should be written in order to get backlink. If you do the opposite comments you will not get any backlink rather Google will see your site in bad eyes. If the site is for IT and you wrote about selling cars, it will be bad for your site.
  • Should comment at popular sites: There is no need to comment on all sites. Find those sites where there have a lot of visitors or traffic and has high rank. You can find out the most popular sites from Google, Google Pages Rank, Alexa etc. easily.
  • Comments should be equivalent to the equivalent post: This tips need to follow with the top two tips. When you’re about to comment on another website you should keep in mind that you are doing the equivalent post comments or not. For example, if your keyword is SEO, then you should focus on the word-SEO on the comment.
  • Need to give dofollow link among the comment: You have to be sure about clicking on the link which will open your website. Usually it should be one way link and should have anchor text. At the time of comment in that site you have to sure whether you can give dofollow link or not.


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We all know more or less about the importance of backlinks. We can create backlinks through blog comment. A few rules should be followed to comment on the blog. Today we will discuss some rules about how to create backlinks through blog comments.

Let’s Start:

  • The content of your blog and the blog in which you will comment that should be similar
  • At the time of commenting on any blog you have to give your site’s link at the anchor text. Before that you need to know whether you can give the dofollow link there or not at the time of comment. If you can not then you should put html code as follows.

Like:  <a href=””>it tips</a>

  • Before commenting on any blog, be aware about the contents of the blog.
  • Start with the name of Blogger’s or writer’s name at the beginning of time to comment.
  • Your comment should be informative or constructive. Any comment should not be incomplete.
  • Do not do any abjuratory or hateful comment about the blogger.
  • Notice that how the others commented before you. But do not copy their comments. Try to comment better than them.
  • Never use difficult words at the time of comment. Write comments using simple word. Be aware of mistaking any spelling of words.


See, I can not write very well. I think you don’t have to face any problem to understand about what I wrote. Actually, many people do blogging in our country. But as they are weak in SEO success does not come. Personally, I am not so expert. As far as I know I shared with you, I hope you can do thousands of backlinks for your site by doing blog comment from now. Do good links daily as much as you can, you will find lots of visitor. Please do comment if you have any problem. Thank you.