Potentiality of Bangladesh Gaming and Game Development

Potentiality of Bangladesh Gaming and Games Development

Bangladesh has a vast potential for development of Software/games or games application. Gaming industries can develop here with the available manpower and unemployed work force. Recently a seminar was held at the Auditorium of Association of Software and information services (BASIS) titled ‘Developing mobile gaming industry in Bangladesh’. In this seminar many high officials, developers and students associated with games

Victory Day of Bangladesh

The Victory Day of Bangladesh

December 16 is our victory day (Bijoy debash) (Bengali- বিজয় দিবস). On this day, we achieved our ultimate victory over Pakistan occupation forces and achieved our independence. On this day a new sovereign and independent country named Bangladesh with its own identity own flag and own status came into being. Bangladesh stood upright among the nations of the world after

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

Every nation has some achievements that they can take pride in. Our language day is our national event and achievement. But the matter of pride for us is that this national event has crossed our national boundary and become universalized. The International Mother Language Day is the recognition of our language movement and the heroic sacrifices of the language martyrs

Digital Bangladesh

Digital Bangladesh

Bangladesh is resounding with the target of achieving of digital Bangladesh. In the election days, AL, one of the major political parties. First declared vision 2021 with the aim to develop Bangladesh into a digital country by the next decade BNP another big political party, also added that they started the program in their tenure and will complete it earlier.

Natural Beauties of Bangladesh

The Natural Beauties of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the darling child of nature. Nature has rained her natural beauties on her darling child. Bangladesh is a country which is full of natural beauties. Man is lover of natural beauties of Bangladesh. Moreover none can deny the fact that Nature possesses a primary place in man’s thoughts and feelings. It exercises a great influence in man’s life.

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