Download Mayabi Bangla Keyboard for Android

Many people Android phones Bangla writing interests. Just a few years ago, the people of Bengali typing discourages the expansion of the Bengali language, but the technology and the Internet, a large number of people today are entering Bangla. Facebook statuses, starting a blog, photo caption, or chat, all the things people choose their language of Bangla, the Bengali language android fireplace.

Bengal has been a font for most Android devices. Although the ice cream sandwich update Go to the All Bengali fonts. The Android devices teeth seem to be written in the Bengali writings have been across the keyboard layout. Actually, quite popular with users of the keyboard using a Mayabi Bangla keyboard writing, but today we’ll talk a new mayabi keyboard. The keyboard is very much more than clean old version, benefits of a rich and interesting.

Mayabi Bangla Keyboard Android operating system for smartphones is a Bangla writing software for android, iphoen, nokia, symbian, s60v5, 2.1 and other’s all versions of Android software apk can be used later. Free applications because it can be downloaded for free from the Android Market. After installing the software from the sorcerer’s keyboard by selecting Settings > Languages Bangla text option must be enabled. This keyboard can be written in Bangla and English, the two languages. By default this is set to the time in English, Bengali text from the keyboard to turn on the option to the Bengali. The main feature of this free application, written in phonetic manner Bangla, English is the keyboard, in addition to writing several symbols. Free version has recently been released as a premium Mayabi keyboard. Free versions with additional features as well as several options have been added in version. Phonetic as well as additions to write Bengali phinda (ফিঙ্ড) keyboard, Bengali and English Dictionary additions etc. One of the most important features of this version, but the premium version of Android does not support the set Bengali written application possible.

Mayabi Bangla Keyboard

Links to download the free version:

The premium version is available:

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** Please do not rate badly if your phone does not support Bangla. Rendering/supporting Bangla is not keyboards responsibility.

Mayabi soft keyboard is an on screen keyboard with Bangla/Bengali/বাংলা phonetic and English language support for Android platform.
Using this lite version, you can write Bengali even in Bengali unsupported devices (Premium version feature).

Bengali and English prediction dictionary added as well.

A new activation and typing tutor window has been added. Please launch it from your launcher and write according to instructions written there. Copy the texts using copy button and paste anywhere you want.

Activation window will appear once in every clean installation. If you miss to activate first time, following is for you (upto android 2.3.x):

To activate: In Settings->Languages->tick Mayabi keyboard to set as default: Long press a text field, and select “Input method” and then “Mayabi Bangla keyboard”

Main features:
* Bangla phonetic keyboard
* Many smilies
* Many symbols
* English keyboard

Instructions to write Bengali transliteration:
English equvalant of Bengali characters:
ক খ গ ঘ ঙ চ ছ জ ঝ ঞ
k kh g gh Ng c ch j jh NG

ট ঠ ড ঢ ণ ত থ দ ধ ন
T Th D Dh N t th d dh n

প ফ ব ভ ম য র ল শ ষ
p ph/f b bh/v m z r l sh/S Sh

স হ ড় ঢ় য় ৎ ং ঃ ঁ
s h R Rh y/Y t“ ng : ^

অ আ ই ঈ উ উ ঋ এ ঐ ও ঔ
o a i I/ee u/oo U rri e OI O OU

্ব ্য ্র র্ ্ । ৳. :
w y/Z r rr ,, . $ .. ::

Some examples:

অদৃশ্য odrriSZ অন্যান্য onZanZ অভীষ্ট ovIShT
আঞ্চলিক ancolic আন্তর্জাতিক antorjatik আশ্চর্য aScorzo
উৎকৃষ্ট ut“krriShTo উষ্ণ uShN ক্ষুদ্র kxudro খ্রীষ্টান khreeShTan
গাঙ্গেয় gaNggeyo গুরুত্বপূর্ণ gurutwopUrNo দক্ষিণ dokxiN
নিষিদ্ধ niShiddho নৈসর্গিক nOIsorgik
পুঙ্খানুপুঙ্খ punkhanupuNgkho বৈজ্ঞানিক bOIgganik
সাহায্য sahazZ অ্যানথ্রাক্স aZnothraks
কাঁচ ka^c
র‌্যাপিড rZapi র‌্যাব RAB

You can download & install this software from Google Play Store for free