Download Microsoft Security Essentials – It’s Microsoft’s own powerful free antivirus

Why should you use other anti-viruses when Windows has its own free and powerful anti-virus?

Those who use Windows regularly, use at least one anti-virus to protect viruses on their Personal Computer. Most of you use the crack version of premium anti-virus which cannot save your computer.  Because crack files cut off some of the parts of the file so that it cannot send the information to the server. Sometimes important files become deleted from the computer. For that a crack anti-virus cannot perform accurately.

Among the free anti-viruses Avast, Avira, AVG are very popular. On the other hand the effective and expert and more popular anti-viruses like Kaspersky, Eset, Avast Premium, Norton are to buy with money. As we cannot afford to buy these anti-viruses easily, so we have to use the free versions of anti-viruses those are mentioned formerly. But solution to this dilemma is near at your hand. Do you know that Microsoft has its own potential free anti-virus for Windows Computer? Yes! The name of that free and unique antivirus is ‘Microsoft Security Essentials.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

Here there are some details about Microsoft Security Essentials:

It is not only a totally free anti-virus but also it is small in size. As it has been opened recently, it features many new things those were never been in the former versions or in other common anti-viruses. Such as:

  • You can opt the Real Time Scanner of the former version to on or off with a tick mark in this new version.
  • New safety system ‘SpyNet’ has been added with malware-free websites and networking to protect hacking.
  • To protect thefts of information from your computer the activities of harmful software has been made limited.

Follow some simple ways to get it:

Go to the download link of the software. Then select the version of your Windows version. Then click ‘free download’ and starts downloading. The process of installation is the same. Just open with double click and follow installation steps.

Download Link: Click Here

File Size: 10MB