Facing with SEO Question

Recently few of my familiar & facebook friends are asking me about SEO. I give them proper accurate answer.Whose are working with this all are not obtain with this answer.Considering this, I feel the necessity to publish/expose this topic through gathering both question & answer. Hope it will very helpful to the new user.


  1. Question: After Penguin Update, how can I SEO of a full off page & what should I to do daily?

Answer: After penguin to say something before about link building you have to understand why Google update it. It’s preliminary reason is that to encounter the black hat tricks combining spamming link building process & the qualified natural & give the importance of fresh link. Another one may keep in your mind quality matters more than quality. That’s why link building process must be natural not unnatural, Google link must be natural link. Whatever, you have to reject/avoid these subject in penguin era.

  1. Low quality back link.
  2. Linking on irrelevant site.
  3. Reject to receive link from same domain.
  4. Beside dofollow, you have to use nofollow linking.
  5. Not only home page but also you have to linking inner page also. I mean deep linking.
  6. Footer on irrelevant site or linking on site bar & blogger links.
  7. Link diversify (linking in all site)

Facing with SEO Question

Two more thing you have to reject:

  1. a) Avoid/reject rapid link building (link velocity-you have to gradually do it not in speed. You have to keep in whim that it will have to 4/5 times per a day not over. If you don’t obey this you might be penalty by Google which is opposite of it. In market place whose work with SEO they don’t have any idea about link building that’s why they build it 100/150 times per a day. They don’t have any idea of it’s sequence.)
  2. b) At the time of link building don’t use exact match key word. (It means you have to diversify Anchor text properly through which by any how Google couldn’t realize/understand the unnatural link. On that term, you can only use URL, pressal keyword or brand name, or it will do if you use your name.

***If you want to save penguin from Google penalty you should avoid/reject these also.

Content marketing/article marketing with spum article, forum profile link building, link exchange,low quality press release & social bookmarking submission, wrong directory submission (except on based specific direction)

Google declared many days before for website ranking. That’s why the social media are giving importance to special signal beside processed of link building. You have to share on printerest, the site content of Google plus, facebook, twiter, 2/3 times per a day.

Viral content is very important on that side, which user will share from his own intention. This is so I am, personally one more thing I would like to say obeying overhead ethical way you can run all kind of link building, then you will be success.


  1. Question: If buyer didn’t fixed your keyword of a site then should it SEO through reaching every page? of choosing keyword from home page?

Answer: Without keyword research you can’t do/make a fulfil SEO plan on a site. Keyword research are using to getting perfect targeted key word beside just A to Z SEO strategy. Without targeted keyword a website just like a boat without sail. Keyword research based on according to your goal (product for selling or servicing, or for other else). Now the topic is if the buyer suggest you to SEO giving on a site, if the buyer don’t have targeted key, that time your first work is quite learning his goal set up keyword research according his definite page, (here is also you may need much more Data, such as from his site what kind of demand feedback will provide! and so on else) to getting perfect keyword for that site. Then you have to plan on page & off page SEO strategy with the help of targeted keyword.


  1. Question: Minimum how many days do/should I need to create a travel site ranking.

Answer: It can’t be memorable to say how far/many times do/should I need to ranking a site. Actually, many factors are based on this, even it’s also not an exact just subject of guess. It’s like just one kind of competition. Wait, I am giving here an example. If you want to win in a race competition, tell me what should you do then?

  1. a) First of all, you have to see how many participants take part on that race beside whose are they?
  2. b) How are their physical figures, how much speed they are running & for more speed running what they are preparing.
  3. c) At last, obtaining their motion you have to fix your step/plan & act as according to your work plan. Thus, you can win the race.that’s it….What do you learn from this example? Hope you will better understand.


  1. Question: If I want to bring in a particular visitor from any country giving what should I get just related site, blog or forum of those country.

Answer: Though the question isn’t clear to me at all cause from the first part it’s learn to me that you want a traffic site from a definite country & again in second part you wanted to know the searching style of a definite country to set up your link building. Now what should I reply, I am confused. Even then I am replying if first is your question, on that term first of all you can target geographic keyword (such as Atlania divorce lawyer) then optimization according to your on page then searching country wise site (such as for Bangladesh=.BD.extension) set up your link building. One more things, to getting good benefits on the term of link building you have to keep in mind is very urgent about domain IP according to their country code & if your second part is also your question on that term connecting keyword you have to search domain extension, you will get from there. Thank you. See you again.