How Can You Increase The Targeted Visitors

Today I will tell you about how to increase targeted visitors or website traffic of your site. I hope to publish a series some tunes on this topic. So, let us start our first tune on this topic.

What is Targeted Visitors?

Suppose, you have made a blog targeting on the keyword “health Insurance”. So, you will have to notice that only the visitors targeting on Health Insurance and Relevant visitors visit here. When you will be succeeded to do that properly only then increase the ranking and income of your blog.

Suppose, you have 10,000 visitors to your blog via social media, social book marking, blog-comment and other legal ways. Probably you are thinking that you will earn today too much! Is it practical? Does earning depend only upon the number of visitors or anything else? Think a little! All these 10,000 visitors are targeted by you? If they are targeted then you can hope to income a huge amount. If they are not targeted then the bounce rate of your site will rise so high. Because the bounce from your site as soon as they enter in to your site.

How to Increase Targeted Visitor

Now let us discuss about a competitor of you. He has brought only 1000 visitor in his blog. But all these visitors are targeted. So, it can be said without any doubt that those 1000 visitors are more valuable than your 10, 000 visitors. And it is almost insured that your competitor will earn double money comparing to your earning with that smaller amount of visitors.

The points you should emphasize on to get targeted visitors:

  1. Selecting the correct keyword.
  2. Tuning to your blogs related to your niche/keyword.
  3. Social media.
  4. Emphasize upon Long Tail Keyword
  5. Guest blogging

For the interest of newbie I have separated my tune into five steps. Every step of it will contain the detail description about that own and will contain adequate information and info graphics so that you can apply it to your blog. In this way will be able to understand the subject matter easily and can apply those.

Hope, I will present in the next part about how you can increase the number of targeted visitors of your blog. And in the part after that I will discuss the selection of correct keyword and its application and then you will be more clarified and will be fulfilled if there is any gap on this topic.

Remember the most important topics of this tune:

  • It is not important to get too many visitors but too many targeted visitors.
  • In spite of getting many visitors your earning may be low and in spite of getting less visitors your income may be high.
  • 1000 targeted visitor is more important than 10,000 general visitors.

Hope to present with a more attractive and more useful tune in the next time.

Here is end for today, Good Bye, Everybody!