How to Avoid Smart Phone Battery Accidents – Some Useful Tips

The amount of smartphone users is increasing worldwide day by day. At present, SAMSUNG is at the top of the smart phone industry. Recently an explosion took place in Dubai by a Samsung smart phone. This explosion didn’t affect anything else except smart phones. Arson took place in Switzerland by a smart phone and at last an apartment was burned when a S4 was blasted at Hong Kong.  Imagine, you have been using your mobile phone whole day.


Sometimes it’s in your hands or in your pocket or communicating with others putting it to your ear during calls. Nowadays teenagers are operating smart phones all the day. Where there have a lot of smart phone users, this incident concerned us a lot. It can be consider if it was the explosion of Chinese smart phone but this incident took place with the Samsung s4. That’s why it makes us more worried.

Some Tips to Avoid Smart Phone Battery Accidents

These types of accident are not supposed to be occurred if there is no error in the battery design and battery assembly. The problem which occurs in the case of lithium battery is called thermal runway problem. There is a system provided in lithium battery which prevents additions charging issues and the abnormal reaction of battery’s inner Chemicals to avoid this problem. Sometimes it is said that unknown company’s battery is as dependable as original battery. It is true in many cases but not in every case.


Because of the extremely thin battery of smart phones the positive and negative plates are separated by a thin separator.  It increases the risk of an accident if any abnormal changes happen between the two plates.  It works as you are pouring oil to the fire if your battery manufacturing quality is not good and if you overcharge your phone namely connect the mobile with charger for so long.


If battery manufacturing company produces battery by following the proper guideline there will be no risk of this type of accident. If any company give priority to the money instead of protection and don’t use safety fuse (which disconnect the circuit of the battery if battery get overheated) then any explosion can happen.


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To avoid accidents caused by the battery you have to follow these directions which are given below:


  • Always use the original battery or the battery of any reliable company in case of battery replacement. You will not set Toyota’s wheel in your Ferrari car instead of Ferrari wheel, will you? So don’t use less expensive battery as your life is more worthy than your phone’s battery.
  • Don’t keep the mobile around hot things whenever you will connect your mobile with the charger. Because it increases the risk of over heating problems. One I can say one word that, Keep it in a cool and dry place.
  • Don’t use any apps or don’t play any games during charge or use after a little break or use it after the warm temperature of the device is allowed to return to a normal temperature.
  • According to the experts one should charge the battery while it remains 50% of charge in your mobile. By which the capability of your battery will be better.
  • Don’t charge low-voltage battery. If you do this your battery will die.


So friends if you want to keep your home or apartment safe follow the given rules. Stay happy.