How Windows 10 is Going to be the Best Operating System of All Time

Though it seems to be ordinary word but it is true that Windows 10 is going to be the application of all time. Some of you know and some doesn’t about Build 2015.

Build 2015

Let us discuss about Build 2015 at first. It is one of the annual conferences of Microsoft. Generally it continues for three days and through this event Microsoft opens its upcoming feature. Microsoft introduced Universal Apps to the world via Build 2014. At the same time it introduced HoloLens. We will discuss in detail in future about HoloLens. Today about it we want to say just that HoloLense is the technology of future world.

Windows 10

Now let us discuss about Windows 10. Many of you heard about or used Windows 10. The aims of launching Windows 10 are to give mobiles, tablet and PC users the same experience. It means that what kind of devices you are using is not matter for Windows 10. You will get the equal experience for every platform. And a developer can develop the same app for different platforms.

windows 10

How Windows 10 is Going to be the Best Operating System of All Time

Now let us discuss how Windows 10 has become the best of all operating systems of all times. Though Windows stands at the top for PC but due to scarcity of apps it can catch the mobile market so well. It means if this scarcity of apps can be removed, the hindrance to Windows will be driven out. To solve this problem Microsoft at first thought to run Android apps fit for Windows. But now it is thinking to bring something better than that and that it the Android and the iOS developers will be able to compile for the Windows platform without any alteration. They will be able to bring it in the Windows store. The result for that will be that the android apps will enter into the Windows store but Windows will remain secured from Android viruses. At the same time the iOS apps will enrich the windows store. That means the world of smartphone-apps will remain in your palm.

Another excellent feature of Windows is Corotona. Power version of Corotona has been opened during the last World Cup Football and With Windows 10 Corotona will be more interactive and more powerful. Microsoft is hopeful with these features that in the next three years the number of users will increase more 1 million.

So, it can be easily guessed that very soon Windows 10 is going to be the best operating system of all times. Thank you.