Information about You That Knows None but Google

You use Google regularly whenever you need to find out information. But do you know Google knows much about you. It knows much of your personal information that do not know many of your near ones.

Now let us know what Google knows about you:

  • Google shows advertisements on different websites. Which advertisement will be shown on what time, depends on its uses utility services. Suppose, you searched writing “grameenphone”. In that case when you visit another website, Google will show you Grameenphone’s advertisement. Here Google will record your search history and make a profile with it. Thereafter it will show you the related advertisements. Don’t worry; you can stop this whenever you wish. To stop this visit:
  • If you use android phone and sign in there using gmail account then Google will record all of your location history. When and where you have gone will know Google. Are you being astonished? Visit the following link:, you cannot but believe.

about google

  • Google knows the type of your personality. It knows your secret that doesn’t know even your familiar ones. When you search anything typing any particular text, Google saves that. You can see your search history visiting:
  • Are you watching video on Youtube? When, which one, how long a video you have watched, knows Google. You can get it from the following link:
  • Sometimes we permit different apps to use our Google account. Those types of apps take away our personal information. How many and which apps are using your information can be seen here:
  • Now you can easily download at a time all the files of your search history of uses of Google. Visit the following link and try what files you want to download: