Now easily use Pen Drive in your Android Device – How to?

Although it is not a new thing but I will discuss about an important tips today. My topic is – “How we can use pendrive in our Android device or mobile phones.” It is said that, “There is no end to learning.” It’s true indeed. However, there is no end to learn about the world of  technology. Technology is such a thing in today’s world without which the whole world is obsolete. Anyway let’s come to the point. Today I will tell you about a great app of GOOGLE which is called “OTG USB DETECT


At first, root your Android device or smart phone, if it is not been rooted. You can use any tricks to root your phone.


For this trick you will need an OTG USB CABLE. That is like normal cable. It just has an edge for pen drive host. If you do not have this cable then you can buy it from the market. Then DOWNLOAD the software which is given below.

Use pen drive in your Android Device

Apps Name: OTG USB DETECT (2.8 MB)


For download, click here.


[N.B: To Download click the SLOW DOWNLOAD button. Click on the DOWNLOAD LINK by putting CAPTCHA code which will begin downloading.]

Download it and Install and then open.


I hope that you will like today’s app.


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