OUT SOURCING: Affiliate Marketing can be the Main Source of your Online Income

Affiliate marketing can be the main source of your online income – but how? It will be difficult to find out who spend time on the internet or online but didn’t hear about outsourcing or affiliate marketing or digital marketing. But let’s assume about some things about affiliate marketing.


What is affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing means availability of some commission by selling products. Affiliate marketing is a multi billion industry. Many people or organizations are doing these types of business in our country. We all know about the many ways of online earning and Affiliate marketing is one of them. A good blogger will be able to earn much money by doing this. A good blogger will be able to gather a good amount of visitors from various media. In the case of affiliate marketing AMAZON is a very good quality and reliable site. Many bloggers around the world are making a lot of money by marketing product of this site. If anyone can sell the products of this site and he will get up to 15% commission. That means if you can sell a product that is Tk. 100 you will get Tk. 15 as a commission. This is one of the most promising business sectors. Typically, if you know this thing you can earn easily by using these networks.

Affiliate Marketing can be the Main Source of your Online Income


What are the differences between affiliate program and affiliate network?


Affiliate program is an agreement between product owner and the publishers. Suppose you made software and if you want the people to know about your software you have to do marketing.  You can do your own marketing if you have enough budget and time. But it might be easier if the visitors of your blog do this marketing of your software. You can give a fixed commission to them for every sale. This type of marketing is beneficial for both sides. This business relationship between you and your visitor is called affiliate program. It is a matter of great trouble to operate affiliate program manually. You have to do all the work such as managing affiliators, keeping record of money, bringing out new promotion ideas manually. Joining for an affiliate work will be the easy way for you if you don’t want to face these problems. Fairly, affiliate network is an online market place which creates communication between advertisers and polishers. Each affiliate network has its own tracking and payment system. It may be that an advertiser promotes his products to different affiliate network and he has his own affiliate program. Hope that you have got a sense of affiliate marketing. To know about 10 affiliate network read this – Top 10 Affiliate network, 2016.


To begin affiliate marketing you should do:

  • Select niche
  • Keyword Research
  • Product research
  • Web site creation process to all
  • Content development
  • Built landing pages
  • Email list building
  • Conversion rate optimization (link building)
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Paid Marketing (Adword, Facebook, etc.)


At present there are a lot of entry-level marketers in our country who are earning 1000 to 2000 Dollar per month and this is a free and honorable profession.


East preparation of  Affiliate marketing:


  • At the beginning keep posting thematic articles by opening your own domain or free domain.
  • Do Backlinks, Marketing, and Forum posting, posting comments like SEO more and more for collecting visitors from around the world and increasing the total amount of visitor.
  • Because there are no alternative to increase visitors without SEO.
  • Do new plan by seeing visitor’s update regularly.
  • When you will get to know that your blog is so popular and acceptable to your visitors then you can make plan for affiliate marketing. Because biggest truth is that if 1000 foreign visitors enter your site about 1-10 affiliated products can be sold. It is also true that, it is not so difficult to bring thousands of visitors on a good blog site.


Process to add products of Amazon.com on your site:

  • At the beginning do registration in www.amazon.com by giving right name and address.
  • Join as an Associate from the option “make money with us”. Here an ID will be assigned fro you, keep this ID safely.
  • After reviewing all of the provided information an e-mail will be sent within 1-3 working days and will receive permission for entering at a special page.
  • After entering at the main page see all the updated rules by clicking “Get started now” button.
  • Now collect the product’s link (HTML code) from the site and use it to your blog or website. After that whoever will collect goods from the link you provided, you will receive 15% commission of the total product value.


Those who have heard this subject newly, hope that they will be able to take a little bit ideas about affiliate marketing from the above discussion. Now continue, you will succeed in your efforts IN SHA ALLAH. Another thing, for bringing your revenue always selects check payment method. You can earn by doing affiliate marketing without your own website. More information about the affiliate marketing will be posted here. Stay with us.


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