Potentiality of Bangladesh Gaming and Games Development

Bangladesh has a vast potential for development of Software/games or games application. Gaming industries can develop here with the available manpower and unemployed work force. Recently a seminar was held at the Auditorium of Association of Software and information services (BASIS) titled ‘Developing mobile gaming industry in Bangladesh’. In this seminar many high officials, developers and students associated with games development industry was present.

Potentiality of Bangladesh Gaming and Games Development:

Currently 1.2 Billion people in the world are actively associated with gaming. The market of Videos game worldwide shall exceed US $ 100 billion by the year 2014. Currently worldwide numbers of gamers are 9.66 billion and 70 percent of total applications those are downloaded in mobile are game applications. 53 percent smart phone users play games every day. Users under 30 year’s age are actively associated with gaming.

A software expert said about the possibility of game in Bangladesh, “Mobile games in Bangladesh are nothing new. Bangladesh has a successful track record in software/game development. But the reality is that mobile gaming industry has not yet flourished. It is very much necessary to prepare a database of games developed by Bangladeshi game developers. It is high time that we should look into the potential and future possibilities. With co-operation among each other we can make a notable progress.

Potentiality of Bangladesh Gaming and Game Development

That software expert mentioned, “Gaming industry in Bangladesh is highly potential”. We have to work together for to make progress in this industry and we have to pin point all the obstacle and problems and find out solutions for them. They have to follow proper guideline and standard operational procedure.

Some popular smartphone games in Bangladesh:

Smart phone game addicts must have heard the name of the game “Tap Tap Ants”. Bangladeshi games developed company ‘Rise Up Labs’ made this IOS platform game and this game make popular position in 98 countries. The download hits has exceeded 15 million. Rise up Labs has launched a new game application in order to make smart phone games more popular. The game titled is “Highway Chase”.  This game is available for free download at Apple store, Google play store and Amazon store. It can also be downloaded from the website of Rise Up Labs (www.riseuplabs.com).

One of officer of Rise up Labs said about the new game, “this is basically a sniper shooting games”. “Highway Chase” game specifically created for action and shooting lover. Gamer characterize of this game is a sniper.

 Within the prescribed period that will assailant shot from helicopters to destroy thieves’ cars. It is also noticed that the pedestrian and vehicle as well as the general does not hurt. “Highway chase” game has been created for all type of people. It is an exciting game for time spending.

Keeping in mind domestic and international market, they adjust high quality sound effects, eye catching graphics and point facility. By earning point gamer can do unlock different stage in this game. A team that has worked in the game takes a long time. Another officer from Rise up Labs said that they always trying to make different character graphics, sound, artwork and story to make new games from other games. It is not exception about ‘Highway Chase’. Hopefully in world gaming sector like ‘Tap Tap Ants’, Bangladesh will rise in the top of the list again.