Ridmik Bangla Keyboard for Android Mobile

Actually, quite popular name Mayabi Keyboard Android users using the keyboard, but today we’ll have a brand new keyboard to enter Bengali words, is it Ridmik Keyboard. I’ve talked about in the previous post Mayabi Bangla keyboard for Android mobile. However, the keyboard is very much more than clean Mayabi, benefits of a rich and interesting.

Ridmik Keyboard

Ridmik lab banner Ridmik Google Play Keyboard has been released recently. Sorcerer who have to use the keyboard, the Ridmik keyboard identity can be so that the lack of keyboard and had difficulty Warlock, had overcome her this entire Ridmik keyboard.

However, to form a large (approximately 5 MB), are also popular Ridmik keyboard and Unijoy phonetic keyboard layout, design of the keyboard and there is no advertising. Yes, Mayabi keyboard where the keyboard below the ad looked, there Ridmik Bangla keyboard did not have any advertisements. Bengali writing this remarkable software is available to download free of charge to all facilities that were warming themselves in trouble without any advertising. The developer Shamim Hasnat comments, earning money, I will not forgive my language, not really. “

Now let’s look at some of the photos and how you Ridmik keyboard allow you to turn the keyboard.

Ridmik Bangla Keyboard

Install and Activate

Or scan QR codes on the first link below to download the Ridmik keyboard. Android See this post from the Google Play Store to enter the issue.

Download and Install this software from Google Play Store

We have more detailed information about the Ridmik Bangla keyboard from Ridmik Official Page

According to Ridmik keyboard official page:

Ridmik Keyboard is an onscreen keyboard available for writing Bangla in android devices. Bangla phonetic keyboard, Unijoy layout, lots of smiles, word prediction/suggestion, learns as you type feature, you get all for free when you choose to install this keyboard in your smart phone.

Note: Please remember that your device needs to have native Bangla support (Bangla font installed & compatible ski library) to write Bangla smoothly. Disheartened? You can still write Bangla if your phone doesn’t support Bangla. Learn more

Please leave your comments, suggestions, and bugs here

You might want to see the Updates Log!

You can read a review as well as installation information in Bangla on Android Kothon and in English on MyMobileTips

Facebook page: facebook.com/RidmikLab

All features:

  1. Bangla phonetic keyboard (like your favorite Avro keyboard)
  2. Bangla Unijoy layout (giving enough space for a key to let you press on)
  3. Bangla English word prediction/suggestion for faster writing
  4. 7 themes including Gingerbread, ICS & the Ridmik theme
  5. Swipe Space bar to change mode (English, Bangla, Ridmik)
  6. Learn words as you type feature, it will learn new words from your typing predict from them afterwards.
  7. Unlike default gingerbread & ICS keyboard it has Enter (new line) button while typing messages.
  8. Long press Enter key to hide/show suggestion bar (if you’re writing in landscape mode & your phone width isn’t that much large, you’re going to like this)
  9. Lots of smiles (3 screens)
  10. Write Bangla in Bangla unsupported devices. Learn more
  11. Need an 11th feature? Fine, just send an email & let me try my best 🙂


  1. Download & install the app from Android market
  2. Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard
  3. Enable Ridmik Keyboard (tick the box just beside ‘Ridmik Keyboard’
  4. Then open any typing field (can be new message, search box). Long press on it.
  5. Click Input Methods
  6. Select Ridmik Keyboard from the list
  7. Enjoy! No more steps!

Settings key & the mice key:

Long press on smiley button, you’ll see these two buttons. These are less used, so they are not kept in front.

Phonetic Typing:

See the Keymap


আমার সোনার বাংলা(amar sOnar bangla), লক্ষ্ণৌ(lokkhNOU), কর্তৃত্ব(korrtrritw), শিক্ষা(shikSha/shikkha), শ্বাশ্বত(SwaSwoto/SwaSwt), ছাত্র(chatro), বৈষ্ণব(bOIShNb), সমুদ্র(somudro), রিদ্মিক(ridmik), ব্রহ্মপুত্র(brohmputro), হটাৎ(hoTaTH), চাঁদ(caqqd)


Unijoy Layout:

To accommodate all the letters of Bangla Alphabet, two screens is a must. You’ll find the most used keys in the first screen & you have to press Shift button to see the others.

Where are the ই, ঈ, উ… (Vowels) keys?

Even two screens are not enough if you want enough space for a button. You have to long press on some keys to get these keys.

Long press on     to get

ি    ই

ী    ঈ

ে    এ

ৈ    ঐ

ো   ও

ৌ   ঔ

ু    উ

ূ    ঊ

ৃ    ঋ

ৎ    ত


Write Bangla in Bangla unsupported devices:

There are two ways to write Bangla if your device doesn’t have Bangla support. The first one is better but the device needs to be rooted. Then you’ll have place a Bangla font in \System\fonts\ folder & replace libskia.so with a compatible one in \System\lib\ folder.

The second one doesn’t need your device to be rooted. Go to Ridmik Keyboard Settings (find it here: Settings > Language & Keyboard). Enable ‘Use Keyboard Font’. Doing so will let you see Bangla suggestions & Bangla alphabets in fixed layout mode (Ridmik Mode) properly.

Then Search & install ‘Type Bangla’ app (free) Google Play. Start the application, type in the text input field & then just copy paste. Note that, you might face ligature (যুক্তাক্ষর) problem in this case.

Screeners and more about this software from:  Ridmik Official Page