SEO is the Biggest and Chief Technique to Earn via Google Adsense. Do You Agree To This?

Many of us earn money via Google Adsense. Some earn much and some earn less. Some are trying to earn for one or two years but have failed. Those who are earning so small amount of money are thinking about what the best method could be to earn money with Adsense. Come and let us know about the secret.

The full meaning of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. According to me only the SEO can be your best resource of income. A website is worthless without any visitor. In the same way Google finds a website meaningless without any visitor.

Best Technique to Earn from Google Adsense:

There is no better way to increase the number of visitors without SEO. If your site is at the top of any keyword search of Google then there is no necessity to be worried about getting visitors.

Suppose, notice the number of visitors when you search at with the keyword of “mobile ringtone”.

  1. search 20580, and total 115570.
  2. search 13302, and total 17078.
  3. From search 9358, total 19004

Best technique to earn from Google Adsense

Many bloggers have submitted their sites in different blogs and have got visitors. But they don’t have got clicks on the advertisements. What is its cause? The cause is that a blog has many visitors with different demands. They have different necessities. Many may get their desired subject in your blog. Some may browse your blog for curiosity. But are you being beneficiary for this. No, you are not benefited for that. They are leaving your blog just after browsing it. I have said it before and saying it again you that the importance of visitors is so high. But it is more important of subject-based or content-based visitors. This kind of jobs performs the search engines at their best. Almost very of us know that Google shows their advertisements keeping harmony with the subjects of the contents on the blog. As a result the visitors, who come via search engines, comparatively click on your advertisements more. Because the find their desired subjects in your Google ads. So through Search Engine Optimization you will get many more visitors along with 100% content-based visitors. By this way, you can expect more and more visitors at your blog.

But the job of Search Engine Optimization is not a very easy task. For this you need to be expert at Site submit, Page Rank, Google webmaster, Back link, Keyword with many other techniques.

Now we can understand that to earn with Adsense we need more and more clicks on advertisements, to get more and more clicks on advertisements, we need more and more subject-based visitors and at last the thing needs to get more and more subject-based visitors is Search Engine Optimization. I think you all will agree with me and send me your opinion on this topic which will help me to increase the quality of post.

So let us start Search Engine Optimization to earn more and more with Google Adsense.

Best of luck.