What is SEO? Why, how search engines work and what are the elements of search engine optimization.

What is SEO (search engine optimization)?

SEO is short for Search engine Optimization. Its full meaning is Search engine optimization. Search engine optimization uses search engines to your site and reaches out to everyone, free of charge. Of the total, the process of making a website search engine is useful in the early days of search engines. It is called search engine optimization. Let’s see the example, to assume the issue is clearly. We are familiar with the search engine that uses the Internet from us. Google, yahoo, ask etc. Google is the popular from the other search engine. When we want to know about anything then we search in search engine to find out this. Suppose if you want all news paper website links in Bangladesh, may be you will write “Bangladesh newspaper links” in Google search box. After searching you will see there are many website link fronts of you. Now you can think how these sites are coming there. Is Google choose this site either someone submitted an application to Google. Two thinking are correct. But first application than choosing and search engine optimization is the combination of these two. Prior to the application of two search engine optimization, the two began to submit search engine sites, all of the selected are search engine optimization. Submitting to the search engine, Google will show a list of all sites, or the results of the work of the engine optimization will be listed on the first page. Google published the popularity of the site, requirements, including quality considering important SEO work done on a site for search engine as well as quality.

what is SEO

This is due to the search engine optimization:

 Many of you may think why we will SEO?  It is a simple answer to increases visitor or traffic web site. Without visitor a website is valueless. For increase visitor main thing is search engine optimization and the main objective is.

  • By this your site is easily reached to near everyone.
  • To increase the popularity of your website.
  • To increase the site’s visitor.
  • Serves as a platform for different types of online income.
  • Information exchange and competition acts as a solid foundation.

How many types of search engines:

Some questions may be seen how much of the search engines can be used. Well, of course, this kind of question is normal to do something unusual.

We can basically divide it into 5 categories-

  • The search engine crawlers
  • Directories Search Engine
  • Hybrid Search Engine
  • Meta Search Engine
  • Specialty search engine

Now we will discuss their details 

The search engine crawlers –

The search engine crawlers make a survey by automated software programs and web pages divided. The crawler is based on this work through the program as we know it – spiders, scullers, robots or such as boots. The crawler-based search engine’s main and only job is to index new web page where and depending on the key word, shown in the search results. 

These search engines are based crawler, such as –

Google (www.google.com)
Ask Jeeves (www.ask.com)

Directory search engine 

Directory search engines are managed by human editors and they decide what the site has been used in the course. And they fix the ‘ Directory ‘ that is performing in the database.

We can refer, for example divide the directories into two parts.

Yahoo Directory (www.yahoo.com)
Open Directory (www.dmoz.org)

Hybrid Search Engine 

We have already known the search engine crawlers and search engines Directory work. But when depending on the search engine crawlers and search engines Directory work together, we called them hybrid search engine. We can show some example as a Hybrid search engines –

Yahoo (www.yahoo.com)
Google (www.google.com)

Meta search engine: 

Meta search engine are collect results from other search engines, and also showing the results of all the results together.

Example for Meta search engines, as well as –

Metacrawler (www.metacrawler.com)
Dogpile (www.dogpile.com)

Specialty search engine: 

The main work for Specialist search engines is help to improve the structure of the work, and find search related links at the bottom.

Specialist contains a lot of search engines, such as –


– Froogle (www.froogle.com)
– Yahoo Shopping (www.shopping.yahoo.com)
– BizRate (www.bizrate.com)
– PriceGrabber (www.pricegrabber.com)
– PriceSpy (www.pricespy.co.nz)

Local Search

– NZPages (www.nzpages.co.nz)
– SearchNZ (www.searchnz.co.nz)
– NZS (www.nzs.com)

Domain Name Search

– iServe (www.iserve.co.nz)
– Freeparking (www.freeparking.co.nz)

Freeware & Shareware Software Search

– Tucows (www.tucows.com)
– CNET Download.com (www.download.com)

How Search engine works: 

Now you can think the questions that how search engines workings. Each search engine has a unique style to work. Almost all search engines; however, has the method of using the same materials. Basically 3 major software services through the search engine works. Three software is:

  • Spider Software
  • Index Software
  • query software

Now we see what they do. These feature the work of the hole in a search engine.

Spider Software

First we will know Spider Software. We use the “search bots ” or ” robots” as we say. It is usually called, Spider Software float and new pages to look at the web, and it adds to the search engines. In fact, the search spider’s work is a collection of web pages within the circle of all the elements. This kind of software is working as like the Internet Explorer, Mozilla or Google Chrome. That means the pages in your browser appear requests any pages to show in front of your display and it also request like that. 

The difference here is that the angle of the Spider software design, images, Flash, etc. shows no interest. It shows interest in website HTML, text, URL, links like these.

It shows interest only in text, URL which has links to these. The data are gathered from these to the spider software.

Index Software 

The main task of the software is a web site’s index of all the data it receives from the search engine spiders to save or retain catches. The index Analyze data collected by the Spider Software is the intercession that analyzes the index software. There are different types of search engine algorithm here. The Secret of Google and Bing is that they have such algorithm. Index Software angle pages of text , links, URL , which gives it to Spider software, therefore scoring analyze the people doing the search, and how to relate to it and important pages. So indexing software to collects the scoring in the spider software.

Query Software 

When we write something in a search engine we can see the same text. When we search something, that times query software analysis some data from index software and published a relevant result.

That means first of all spider software collect all information  from a web page and send to index software for research and index soft make a list after analysis and the necessary of query software its displaying to the visitor.

Element of search engine optimization: 

Friends, we have come to the end of our class.

Now we will discuss Elements of search engines.

Elements of the search engines are:

  • HTML Content
  • Titles, Descriptions, and Meta tags
  • Internal Link Structure
  • External Links
  • Sitemap
  • Link building
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Anchor text