Short of using software to Android to Windows XP (XP Mod Launcher)

Windows XP on your Android (XP Mod Launcher 1.0.1)

Friends I hope you are well, I’m good with the goodness you. Anyway, today the use of Android Curry got tips for friends funny. We usually use the Windows XP PC. Today I will make Android mobile using Windows XP. And it is small software, the name for this software “XP Mod Launcher”. I would say that before this post before someone if you will excuse me. That’s because I do not know.

Where to download the software for this, let’s talk about what they did.

They talk for this software, and it is exactly in front of you grabbed.

According to them:

XP Mod Launcher is a very simple app that will make the interface of your Android device look just like the classic Windows XP, with some of the basic features from this Microsoft operating system.

This means that you can explore the files on your Android device just as you would on Windows XP, accessing My Documents, and the SD card or phone’s memory. You can also copy, cut, paste, and delete any file you want with complete ease.

Android to Windows XP

You can leave the application at any time and return to the normal Android interface by just performing the typical Windows operation. That is, you go to Start, and then select Shut Down. You will immediately return to the traditional Android interface.

This software is one of the greatest changes you can make now a day to the interface of your Android device. It won’t just bring back memories of the old Windows operating system, but will do it in a fun way with all the features you could expect from it.

Now download this software from the link below: Click Here

I do not think anyone would say that the system is installed. After installing XP Mod to properly select, see how it feels.