Some Useful Tips to Increase Visitors in your Blog or Website

Visitors are the life of a website or blog. A site without visitor is worthless. That’s why different kinds of research are going on around the world to bring visitors.

At this competitive moment, it has become a challenging issue to get better traffic or visitor for website.

We do SEO, SMM, and SEM to keep our own website at the first page in search engine or to increase visitor of the site. Getting traffic will not be a big issue if something can be done better and planned. You should use some right tools to spread your online business.

Today I will share some of these traffic tool tips with you. You can increase traffic to your site by using it in right way.


Article Marketing:

Nowadays the easiest way to bring quality visitors in different blogs or specific web page is article marketing. The satisfaction of the visitors will depend on your article’s quality and it will attract them. If you can create their mentality to visit on your site through your text you will get visitor for your site. To create good article you will need to adopt some paths. These are given below:

  • At first write a good article within 700-1000 words.
  • You can use primary keyword 3 times and others related keywords in the article.
  • Write an original article about the same topic which user’s can be different depending on the client.
  • Don’t publish your content in different blogs without your blog. By using article submission tool and rewriting your original content you can submit it. I am confident that, this process will lead your online marketing to a great extent.

Some Useful Tips to Increase Visitors in your Blog or Website

Blog Comment:

Blog commenting is one of the popular method for online marketing or increasing traffic in your site. One can get a lot of visitors and strong backlink with good quality blog comment.


Define at least 5 high page rank blogs which will be related to your website. Publish these blogs in your website by following these blogs regularly and by commenting on new article. Do at least 10 good comments daily. Traffic will increase.


At least 10 to 50 or more visitors can be found from one relevant comment of a good quality blog. By utilizing the search engine you can find blog commenting site which is related to your blog or website.


Please use the following terms to find relevant site:

keyword “powered by wordpress”

keyword “leave a reply”

keyword “leave a comment”

keyword “mail (will not be published)”

keyword “notify me of follow up comments”

“top commenters”

keyword “enable commentluv”

keyword “This site uses KeywordLuv”

keyword “powered by”

KEYWORDS “powered by wordpress”

KEYWORDS “leave a comment”

KEYWORDS “reply to post”

“If you have a TypeKey or TypePad account” keyword inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “Keyword” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “Keyword” inurl:blog “post a comment” -”comments closed” -”you must be logged in” “Keyword”


At first go to the Google search, then choose a term as you like and search for it. Set a keyword which is related to your site in lieu of the keyword. Now the results will come out which are related blog commenting site. See the image which is given below, I hope that you will be clear about this. This method’s work is to find out relevant blog commenting site through goggling.

YAHOO answer:

Yahoo answer is very effective for bringing visitors in your site. You will get many visitors everyday if you participate on doing questions and replying answer in yahoo answer regularly, I can say it for sure. You can give the link of your site while replying any answer in yahoo answer site.

As a result, visitors will come to visit your site. Your provided links will not be considered as do-follow link by yahoo answer site. Cause here in this site links will be considered as no-follow link. You can get a lot of visitors for your site through this link.



Squido is a reliable site for earning money by writing article. This site is popular all around the world. So it has so many visitors. Here you can write any types of article based on any topics. The articles are known as (Lenses) in Squiddo site. Whenever you will post any article or lense in this site and publish it then consistent with the content of your article or the ads assigned by the site will be shown.


These ads are about different products, those are mainly Amazon, eBay and other e-commerce site which Squidoo sales through their affiliate program. Squidoo will earn money by displaying these ads through your lense and they will provide you half of that. You can withdraw your payment through PayPal or other payment system which are determined by Squidoo.


Participate in the relevant forum:

You can get many visitors from that if you do forum posting regularly. Use your site’s link in your forum signature. There are many forums where you can give your site’s link during sign up. But in some forums your link will be accepted after a specific deadline. You can answer the questions of the forum members and you can use the signature which is attached to your site’s link. This will help to boost your site’s visitor.


Guest blogging:

Guest blogging is the biggest method to get many visitors and to bring your site at the top of Google search. Techtunes is one kind of bangle guest blogging site. These sites have their own regular visitor or traffic.

So if you write regularly in these sites and if you can attract the visitors of these sites through your writings then it will increase visitors of your site besides it will help you to branding your company. Write one article per week and post it to a guest blogging site which has a good page rank. You will get 2-3 backlinks easily from one article.


Link bait:

You can increase your traffic through link bait if you want. These are internet or recent breaking news related short news, with whom the link of major news are attached. Sometimes these can bring a lot of traffic for a site.


Social bookmarking:

Make social bookmaking of your site on a regular basis. Bookmark your site in at least 20 high page ranking sites. This can be done very easily. It will help you most to bring your website to Google’s search top. It doesn’t help very much to get direct traffic.


Social media:

In the case of online marketing there is no way to ignore the social media. The time of Google’s latest Panda system update has been notified, this social media plays a vital role to determine the value of a website. This is because the social media sites are used for news sharing.


Some important social media site’s names are given below:


I hope the above tips will help you to get traffic for your site as expected.