Bangla Calculator for Android

Bangla Calculator for Android

The government came to power with a digital Bangladesh Commitment. Then it will be possible to increase the use of technology in all Bengali language. As most of the people cannot use a normal calculator. Because of their knowledge of English is very low. If the use of technology to increase the use of the mother tongue in rural communities

Ridmik Bangla Keyboard

Ridmik Bangla Keyboard for Android Mobile

Actually, quite popular name Mayabi Keyboard Android users using the keyboard, but today we’ll have a brand new keyboard to enter Bengali words, is it Ridmik Keyboard. I’ve talked about in the previous post Mayabi Bangla keyboard for Android mobile. However, the keyboard is very much more than clean Mayabi, benefits of a rich and interesting. Ridmik Keyboard Ridmik lab

Mayabi Bangla Keyboard

Download Mayabi Bangla Keyboard for Android

Many people Android phones Bangla writing interests. Just a few years ago, the people of Bengali typing discourages the expansion of the Bengali language, but the technology and the Internet, a large number of people today are entering Bangla. Facebook statuses, starting a blog, photo caption, or chat, all the things people choose their language of Bangla, the Bengali language

International Mother Language Day

International Mother Language Day

Every nation has some achievements that they can take pride in. Our language day is our national event and achievement. But the matter of pride for us is that this national event has crossed our national boundary and become universalized. The International Mother Language Day is the recognition of our language movement and the heroic sacrifices of the language martyrs

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