Bangla Calculator for Android

Bangla Calculator for Android

The government came to power with a digital Bangladesh Commitment. Then it will be possible to increase the use of technology in all Bengali language. As most of the people cannot use a normal calculator. Because of their knowledge of English is very low. If the use of technology to increase the use of the mother tongue in rural communities

Bijoy bangla software

All Versions of Bijoy Bangla Software Review and Download

15th December 2014 Bijoy Bangla software is completes his 26 birth years. This software was born on 16th December 1988. Bangladeshi legend Sir Mustafa Jabbar created this technology and supply to the market. In 1988 this software and keyboard conventional only for mackintosh computer in the last 5 years in Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and Bengali speaking people are

Liberation War of Bangladesh-1

Liberation War of Bangladesh

Freedom is the birth-right of man. But freedom does not come down on a nation. A nation must rise itself to achieve it. Bangladesh experienced about 190 years of long British colonial rule that ended up in 1947 with the partition of Indian subcontinent and birth of two independent states viz. India and Pakistan, Bangladesh became a province of Pakistan

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