Verify Your Facebook Page – A Very Secret Way

How to Verify Facebook Page:-

Probably the Facebook authority started to give an official or VIP recognition or verification to the pages of the Facebook of the special man and organization at the beginning of the year. Among the Millions of pages Facebook has been giving this verified status only a few (number of pages) ones, e.g. the prominent personality singer, Actor, Music Band, Player, Journalist, Film Producer, any large organization) etc. Verified page has some separate features but it may be different in accordance with the type of the page. But the major facility is the validity of the man or organization in the social network. Many people may open many pages by the name of a prominent singer. And it was actually difficult to understand which one among these was original, but now the profile pages of the celebrity remain in much safety for favor of verified pages, and expansion of their posts in the Facebook increases in compassion with the previous ones. Now, not only the page but also the profile is being verified.

To open a page in the Facebook is not a difficult matter it takes a few second. And those who have somewhat big page, they want their pages to be verified. Now how to make your pages verified or how to verify Facebook page?

verify facebook page

Actually, these are no veal way to verify Facebook pages or these are no special site where you may apply for verification. It somebody also tells you to do so, it will be better not to believe them. Facebook page verification depends fully on the Facebook authority, not on any user. Only influential pages are selected and verified. One or two of our Facebook pages were verified at the beginning of the start of verification process, and we did nothing. Suddenly an email came from the Facebook and a text like “Your page is eligible for verification, click here to apply” Appeared at the top of the page. After clicking at the link, it was told to submit many kinds of documents and within one week of their submission the page was verified.

Though there is no special way to verify Facebook page, there are something to maintain whereby the probability of your Facebook page verification increase. But these are completely our own opinions and there is no hard and fast rule regarding this.

Firstly, it is very important to know what the category of the Facebook page is. If it is an organization it may take much time to verify or it may never be verified though there is Billion of Fans. But it the category of the Facebook page is people or any website, verification may be a bit rapid. Yet there may also remain some factors. In the mid time some pages were verified with the help of Radio category. But now it has been closed. The pages already verified as the Radio are mostly not actually this category. As the Facebook authority could understand it, they closed that function. For the time being page verification in Bangladesh has become very slow due to a reason.

However, regarding page verification you have to be any special person or organization. You or your organization must have an official website where your Facebook page will be linked. Then there will remain a wikipedia page regarding you or your organization in such referencing website and Facebook probably gives much importance to this matter. Yet many people get released in this regards, moreover the page will never be verified if there is any false information. If you are a special personality and any report or picture concerning you is published in the newspaper, post them regularly to the page. You should post at least minimum information regularly from the website whose address was given to the page. Here cover page of your page is very important. Select the cover page of your selected design where there will remain the branding of you or your organization and the official website will be denoted in the form of text. At the same time you can also give the address of the twitter account in the cover picture.

In case of verification the category of pages where you may get slight advantage is -if your page is a page of any people like public figure, Actor, Actress etc. and in your page there must also remain the post of that category concerning you. Then another category may be verified very easily and that is the website category. Moreover, there are other categories also. Then you must have to be somebody special where legitimate information about you will be found i.e. a celebrity political personality or public figure or reputed organization.

how to verify facebook page

The age of your page is also an important matter. If you opened it about one month ago, it will take much time to be verified. But one of my familiar friends who is a political and member of the parliament and England got/found verification of his page within four months of its opening.

At that time the number of his fan was 200++ and now. The number is maximum 1500. So, we can say, the number of fan in Facebook page verification is not any matter, but the matter of consideration for Facebook is whether you are really eligible for getting such verified status. The Facebook office may send you link for verification if you can properly furnish your page with the content, outlook, correct information, address, phone number etc. Remember that your information must be correct and relevant to real organization or personality. News like paper cutting may be very useful here.

Yet the reachability of the verified page may not be taken to be more than that of the general page. The difference between them is like that of nineteen and twenty. I think it is not at all a matter and it is not also a great matter as to the page to be verified. If you can satisfy the heart of all with your Facebook page, it will be better than thousands of verified pages where fans themselves will come and remain engaged with the content of the page and only you know how to do it (how to verify Facebook page).

Wish you well. Hope you will be verified. Though not in the Facebook, we are always verified as a man and a Bangladeshi.