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15th December 2014 Bijoy Bangla software is completes his 26 birth years. This software was born on 16th December 1988. Bangladeshi legend Sir Mustafa Jabbar created this technology and supply to the market. In 1988 this software and keyboard conventional only for mackintosh computer in the last 5 years in Bangladesh, West Bengal, Assam, Tripura and Bengali speaking people are using the world’s most popular computer software and using the text in Bengali. Now this software is available for mackintosh, windows, Linux and Android operating system.  They are the three versions of the Bijoy Bengali: Linux, android and windows. This software is available on the Internet for free. Out of this Bijoy Ekattor for mackintosh, Rojot joyonti edition Bijoy bayanno for Windows and Bijoy XP called edition versions supply in the market. In addition made for windows, Bijoy Ekushe government office and corporate houses are licensed for use in the bulk.

For writing Bangla in computer Bijoy software is much popular although a lot of software always coming in the market before and after the Bangla Software. For writing Bangla in professionally, this software universally accepted to all. Bijoy Software has different characteristics from other Bangla writing software. It is not only a keyboard or software; it is a new idea, an innovation. First Bijoy of the Bengali language was a deep emotional relationship. Secondly, in Bangladesh much people do not use any software like this. It is the best digital technological innovation in Bangladesh. Until now, it is the only software patent. Bijoy software in the Bengali language and script are used in digital devices that have created a platform. It’s not like that, it was not to attempt create any of the software, or anything else. However, Bijoy of the digital device Bengali unaltered has been confirmed complete application. Many seem surprised that in 28th February 2008 to 18th November 2013 a month on average, 32188 layout printed on the keyboard of Bijoy has been legally imported in Bangladesh. At this time the only legally imported 2263708 bangla language over the keyboard layout printed on the keyboard. There is no information in the period from 1998 to 2008. At that time, at list 30/50 lakh Bijoy bangla layout printed keyboard imported. Otherwise last 25 years, even without the permission imported keyboard have no information.

Bijoy bangla software

There is no intellectual varieties product that could create a record like this. For the Bijoy in the last 25 years, the amount of the computer has been installed may not be predictable. However, it can be said that for a fact that the Bijoy has been installed in a number of computers around the country. May be 95 percent of the computer has been installed this software. It is the equivalent amount of software piracy in the country did not have any of the software yet. The only Microsoft Windows or Office’s Bijoy is in Qatar. In addition, where Bengali speakers are in world, the software is also there. In India, West Bengal, Assam and Tripura, this software is more popular from other Bangla software. This is no more software like this software to make debated. If we see the last 25 years evolution of the Bengali text keyboard and software, then it will be very clear that this is Bijoy of the center. Making government keyboard, they take Bijoy as a basis. Bijoy keyboard is similar to the national keyboard. In last 25 years, in country there is no conventional software that did not include Bijoy keyboard or Bijoy Bangla software fonts or technologies directly or indirectly.

Christening Bijoy: Bijoy is independence of Bangladesh, and victory of the peoples. 16 December in 1971, evening time 4:31 minute by Pakistani forces surrendered, Bengali people are released and this is called Bijoy. Bijoy release Bengali script, that’s why this christening Bijoy. Mustafa Jabbar, his little girl at the age of five was named Sunanda Sharmin slender Bijoy has taken it’s for software and keyboard.

The Bijoy of the technology and the Birth: Bijoy keyboard and software where developing a new sense of Bengali been utilized to adjust the keyboard. Among the letters only 39 Bengali consonants, two vowels, vowel modifier 9, hasanta-full stop and three sign has been established in keyboard. Without normal and the shift level of the keyboard, did not use more level. Hasanta was used for created conjunct and vowels. That’s why did not need to Bengali corresponding in keyboard. For this Bengali word as far as ease of use have been short-lived, noble or accent. First coding of Bijoy was in Delhi. An Indian called Devendra Joshi had done this work at first week of December 1988 and continued development of the Bangladesh. In 25 years, hundreds of young people are working on it.

Bijoy printed on the keyboard layout: In 1988 Bijoy keyboard layout printed on the keyboard market. In 2004 Bijoy keyboard get layout patent and to 2008 since the licensing was introduced. Under the law until the expiration of patents, Bijoy keyboard will prevail since 2020.

Achieve by Bijoy: The last 25 years Bijoy has achieved remarkable success in the conquest abroad. From west Bengal state government awarded the best software to ASOCIO reputation are Mustafa Jabbar have followed to all the contributions to the Bijoy Bangla Software. Best way awards or PIB Shohel Samad awards or Netrokona’s Gunijon Shonmamona all are contributions to Bijoy.

New Bijoy in Silver Jubilee: In this silver jubilee has released new existing Bijoy seventy Pro for Windows. Bijoy, Munir and national keyboard are works there. It’s Aski, Ekattor and works in Unicode encoding. This includes all types of converter. However, this software is different than other software which is called quarks express professional page make up software higher versions (6, 7, 8, 9, 10) of the software work as well as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows seven and windows eight. It’s works quickly from all previous versions. In Silver jubilee of Bijoy is one more thing to be proud that it is associated with the 100 font family. Variations in Bengali script never been seen before like this.

Bijoy’s next: The Bijoy in the coming days will offer Bengali software, Bengali grammar, vocabulary, optical character reader and will add new fonts. Bijoy will be available in smart phones, tablets, new operating system and other types of digital devices.

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