What is link wheel and why

What is link wheel and why ? : When we basically create a backlink network by connecting two or more than two backlink page internally and supply link juice by creating a cycle from one corner to another with this backlink network and then we said link wheel to this backlink network.

If any website is ‘A’ and if 6 different backlink pages are made and if the 6 WebPages exchange backlink among each other then link juice inundate it from one corner to another corner of link network, that’s why we can say link wheel to the network easily.

Kinds of wheel:

The link wheels can be very simple or very complex architecture. In how many ways link wheel can be build are depends on a search engine optimizer’s talent, experience and creativity. Here, link wheel’s types are given with depending on the structural architecture.

Structurally, the link wheels are two types:

  1. Closed link wheel: When all the spock or backlink pages of any link wheel are attached to each other then these link wheels are called closed link wheel.
  2. Open or free link wheel: When all the spock or backlink pages of any link wheel are not attached to each other then these link wheels are called open link wheel.

In addition to the most popular open and closed wheel Link wheel can be various types based on the structural characteristics of link wheel. This information was taken from wikimedia.

Depending on the amount of target pages:

By centering the same web page formed link wheel:

  • All the spocks of the link wheel provides backlinks to one target page only.
  • Consisted of a link wheel by multiple web pages: The spock of these link wheel provides backlink to the multiple web pages. These target pages can be in the multiple pages of any web site or can be in the different page of multiple web sites.

What is link wheel and why

Depending on the layer or tier number, link wheels are two types:

  • One layer (single tiered) link wheel: backlinks of this type’s link wheels are one layer.
  • Multiple layer link wheels: the backlines of these types of link wheel are disposed in layers. How much will be the layer number depends on the plan of search engine optimizer.

Depending on the modes:

  • Natural link wheel
  • Artificial link wheel
  • Link wheel for content marketing
  • Link wheel for search engine optimization
  • Link wheel for advertisement

Link wheel, created on internal pages:

Link wheel can be formed with internal page of any website. This trick is recognized as the white hat techniques. When the middle web pages number of any website is 10 then a link can be formed by taking the mentioned web pages by allowing as the common link wheel formation. In this process link juice can be transferred to all the page of the website. The main benefits of internal link wheel are:

  1. The rank of the target pages can be increased by utilizing the internal pages of websites.
  2. The link juice may flow into the website’s internal pages along with the homepage.
  3. The rank of the internal pages along with target page or home page can be developed.
  4. If any page gets much link juice then these link juices are divided to other page.
  5. It helps to increase the authority of this website. This information was collected from wikimedia.

World’s most popular search engine institution Google says in an official blog that, a no-follow backlink cannot help in the search engine optimization of a website.  It is known that; it will prevent web Spam and Google took this step for discouraging the spammer. So, if any no-follow backlink lies in your link wheel then it will decrease the efficiency of the link wheel very much. As a result, the search engine optimizers are not interested to use no-follow backlink in link wheel in most cases. But it is also right that, though it is ignored by the Google but popular search engine Yahoo and Bing are still evaluated the no-follow backlink to determine the website’s rank. So, the search engine optimizers who still determine as a search engine by targeting Yahoo and Bing along with Google, they don’t hesitate to use no-follow backlink in link wheel.

Google web is the main Matt Cutts of spam team……

Mentioned on a blog which was published on, no-follow backlink don’t supply and flow page ranks. According to Matt Cutts’s statement, if no-follow backlink doesn’t supply link juice then any no-follow backlink which is included to any link wheel will hinder to supply link juice in the link wheel. After this announcement of Matt Cutts, the usage of no-follow backlink are decreasing in link wheel, link pyramid etc. this information is taken from wikimedia.

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