What You Will Do When a Play Store do not work on your Android Mobile

The most popular word to an android user is Play Store. For different purpose we visit Play Store every day. Because Play Store is the biggest and the only official site of Android apps. Here you can find the apps those are verified and not harmful. But when any need arises and you want to use the Play Store and that it is out of order or has crashed or giving it you the error message then your vexation knows no bound. This post is giving you the solution to this problem. Hope you will get your ways to drive out your anxiety about Play Store.

 Google Play Store do not work on your Android mobile? Let’s see how to solve this problem is:

Cache Clear: In most of the time you can clear cache of your Play Store for this type of cases. To clear your cache you have to go your device’s ‘Setting’ and the ‘Apps’ or ‘Application Manager’. There after select ‘All’ and select ‘Google Play Store’ finding it out. Then press ‘Clear Cache’ form ‘App Info’ window. Now your job is done.

Data Delete: If the Cache Clear method does not work then you can clear data from your Play Store. With this, your Play Store app will take a restart. To clear data follow the ‘Clear Cache’ method from your ‘Play Store App Info’ and press ‘Clear Data’.

play store dos not work

Download Manager Enable/Disable: If by wrong you have disabled the ‘Download Manager’ of your mobile device then your Play Store will not work and you will not be able to download anything from the Play Store. To enable ‘Download Manager’ follow the process of Settings>Apps /Application Manager>All, and then find out ‘Download Manager’ and ‘tap’ it and then ‘Enable’ it. If here is written ‘Disable’, then you have to do nothing. It is written ‘Disable’, means your Download Manager is already enabled.

Removing Google Account: To solve the problems about Play Store you can remove your Google account and login with the same account again. To remove the Google account go to ‘Settings>Accounts’. Then select Google and remove the account you device’s Menu soft button or from Menu that is marked with 3 dots (…). Now you reboot your device and login with the former account.

Factory Data Reset: If the above methods do not work to activate your Play Store and the problem continues then can make a ‘Factory Data Reset’ of your device as the last process to find a solution to your problem. But remember that if you choose ‘Factory Data Reset’ then you will lose all your contacts and messages from your device. So back up all your necessary data and information. After backing up data, go to Settings>Backup and Reset and the select ‘Factory Data Reset’. Within very few minutes your device will be reset and it will be restarted. Mind it again to make a BACK UP of your necessary and important information.

Hope, there will occur no problem with your Play Store from now on.