Why Does a Freelancer Need a Blog

It knows every freelancer more or less how much a blog is important to help for freelancing. The number of different communicative network is growing along with the number of freelancers. Face book, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn etc. have already established themselves as media of communication. Thereafter a question may arise that if there any necessity of any more blog.

Why does a freelancer need a blog, because: –

Facilities for the freelancers of using blogs are described below:

  1. Presence of one’s self in the online.
  2. It is a place where one can identify his/her work.
  3. It is a place where one can publish one’s self- skill, experience, work-sample etc.
  4. One can get relative client through online.

Other than this it is very easy to find out a blog in the search engine which is being updated regularly.

One should not think that every part of using a blog is good. Blogging is an extra job. So it needs extra time and extra labor.

The following points may be the disadvantages o blogging:

  1. One has to spend too much time for a blog.
  2. One has to spend time, labor and merit to make a tune.
  3. It takes time to update blog regularly.
  4. One has to fix its problems.


It is general question whether all the blogs ore of same type. Freelancing blog and commercial blog are not same. When you are making a commercial blog and earning by it then you to invest your time and labor more than you spend those in other blogs. The blogs those help in freelancing are somewhat different. In other word blogs of freelancers are the advertisements of freelancers.

The facilities of freelancing blog are that the blogger can use it as a commercial blog. Another facility of freelancing blog is that it does not need to update at every moment. Somebody updates it in a week or in two week or sometimes once in a month.

Every freelancer is not skilled at writing or not everybody is interested in writing. They may they how they will make the blog.

It is not mandatory that one have to write regularly if he/she manages a blog. The blog may contain only interesting video or only photos or only the sample of excellent work. To make clearer a freelance photographer needs no skilled writing, it is necessary only to post photos, or designer can post only the designs that he/she makes. With that he needs to give the simplest description of his/her design or products. So, lack of practice cannot be an excuse not to make a blog.